Wafer Reclaim Service

Our sophisticated process for reclaiming silicon wafers enables WRS Materials customers to reduce their materials cost by maximizing the full life potential of wafers. A highly experienced production staff is skilled in processes that generate the highest possible reclamation yield.

WRS Materials personnel begin the reclaim procedure with a refined wafer inspection to presort wafers by type, thickness and resistivity. Each wafer then is lapped and/or etched to remove patterns, scratches and other defects. The result is a clean, high-quality wafer that is ready for polishing and cleaning. To assist customers in tracking the lifecycle of their wafers, we also offer a laser marking service. At the conclusion of the reclaim process, to verify that the finished wafers fully comply with customer standards and specifications, we perform a final quality inspection prior to packaging.

We transfer the reclaimed wafers into cassettes that are free of contaminants. The cassettes are double-bagged and labeled. As a final step, we provide a Certificate of Conformance and/or Certificate of Analysis, as required, to verify product quality.

Reclaim Service Parameters

  • Particles as low as @ 0.09µm (COPS excluded)
  • Typical metal performance <2E10 atoms.cm2
  • Precision dimensional and optical data
  • Full CofA data, including type/res/thickness/particles and other requirements.